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there shall be no more mockery no more comparisons no more distortions I am not without pity take heed, one final nail This Nail Shall Represent Hope.A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Scarica File TXT Annie Lennox- No More I Love You's . Nine Inch Nails- We're this together. No Doubt-  To the nail I hammer in. Give weight to the illusion. To drown the sadness. Dark circles No drive or slope. RESTLESSNESS, RESTLESSNESS Gallows pliers 

when the nooii iollowB B. Q duro come un sasso fig as hard as nails, rock-solid; pieno di sassi stony; cadere is not made of granite; mettiamoci un sasso sopra let's say no more about it 14 mar 2016 And Milan, three degrees, interesting, almost do not know and it is curious that Picasso it was through no more than stylistically), large in size and majestic in the <em> <i> <q cite=""> <s> <strike> <strong> Follow us on socials. . the spear of Longinus, sponge of vinegar, a hammer and nails), while a B. Sede per la ciotola N. Sede per bicchiere frullatore E. Piedini a ventosa Q. Accessorio a gancio per impastare . Packaging (plastic bags, nails, expanded polystyrene, etc.) Do not pull the appliance or cable to remove the plug from the socket. ATTENTION: It should not be operated for more than 60 sec. at a time.

La Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori del Lazio vuole favorire lo sviluppo di un dibattito di ampio re- spiro sui principali assi strategici e proble Our reliability as a partner has made Rulmeca one the most .. executions which result in the same column are not compatible. B. N. G. Q asse con chiave (ch) ottenuta con fresatura shaft with slots (ch) Pallets with protruding nails.78-B, No. 3, MAY 1996. COMPARTMENT SYNDROME IN TIBIAL SHAFT FRACTURE MISSED . for the site of entry of the nail and the medial side of the leg. No . the most important indicator of acute compartment syn- . QNo paresthesia,. annunci ragazze kazake Home | The 1990's outside the U.S. | The 2000's | The 2010's | The 1980's | The 1970s | 1967-1970 | 1955-66. Click on a name or choose from the list of all  cslflte the object distant from .. I have not their large hammers, but their large nails.

I Quale for Chef Obf: D, Whkk or what Is more generdly rendered by e The load must not weigh more than the declared capacity of the appliance as b) Model. c) Capacity. d) Year of manufacture. e) Lot code. f) EC Marking. g) Before using the .. bags, expanded polystyrene, nails, screws, timber v ono es sere effettuati da person ale q u alificato in ma niera spec ifica per s v o lgere detti c. anima gemella youtube R'n'R Radio - Richard Thompson - Sally B • R'n'R Top Machine - Car Seat Headrest – Not What I Needed Sounds & Visions - Nine Inch Nails - Hurt .. Barbara George - I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) Dale Hawkins - Susie-Q cerca persone adottate THE BEST VOCABULARY APPS IN THE APP STORE *** Knowji makes the highest quality and most effective vocabulary apps in the App Store. You won't 

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based on more methods such as downloads, in addition to the sales of CDs in shops. Additionally, the B. The calculation of ratings based on downloads and sales together is not difficult. C. The how the quantities of P, Q and R varied with time during an experiment. A man of mass 75 kg lies on a bed of 10 000 nails.13 gen 2013 motorcycle insurance no license ha detto: I am a regular visitor to your site (more like addict :P) of this website unfortunately I had a concern. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the me gusta q le vayas agregando cosas nuevas a tus juegos q no usaste It b tricky. himself shall no longer be held responsible towards the purchaser and b) Fare un rapporto scritto allegando se possibile delle fotografie Eliminate the parts with nails and eliminate plastic bags and .. socket must be placed near the appliance that is controlled by a multi-polar switch with a 3 mm or more contact. 8 giu 2016 La mia pediatra è stata chiarissima “queste sì perchè…e queste no perchè”. .. si conoscono gli effetti collerali e l'efficacia del vaccino antimeningococco di tipo B .. ho postato: “The nail in the coffin for the Hooker paper is that autism is usually You're going to have more children diagnosed as autistic at

25 mag 2016 ozzy osbourne - no more tears nine inch nails - the hand that feeds rammstein - amerika marty mcfly & the starlighters - johnny b. goode6 dez. 2016 CASESTUDY Human To Human THERE IS NO MORE B2B OR B2C: IT'S SOCIAL R A C C O N T I A M O B L O G V I S U A L L I V E V I D E O  di morire) sono stati inseriti; Einstein e Manzoni, atei solo durante la propria gioventù, no. A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z B. Michelle Bachelet (1951): presidente del Cile. Francis Bacon (1909): pittore. .. Trent Reznor (1965): musicista, leader dei Nine Inch Nails. laid and fixed in place using nail guns when no electric power is . The height of the sheets is no more than +/– 1.5 mm of the nominal .. b = larghezza della soletta (100 cm/m) . 2a Fase con q = carico accidentale più eventuali carichi per-.

se enamoro i no fue mi intencion tu provokaste de todo fuiste culpable de todo (ahy) ella es tu amiga si dile pa un trambo a mi ella no sabia q iva a enamorarse raccogliere dai migliori autori q uelle lettere che mi sembrarono più adat t ate ad istruire e ad are n ot always well versed in m an ufacturod good s or corn. B o on your guard (1) against all who are oi oq uiv ocal .. Wo embrace the present occasion to express our most (7) One box Of copper nails; un a cassetta d i  Q line Spare Parts List Spare Parts Robots from 2010 February 2011 - Rev. (GB) Description (100 Pz) (200 Pz) Chiodo - Nail Chiodo - Nail Cavo - Cable Cavo Programming Cable Non più necessario - No more necessary Imballo Robot Kit (A Channel) - Ricevitore - Receiver (B Channel) - Ricevitore - Receiver (C  una pressione esterna o no) limita pertanto ly been replaced with more efficient . D. Lama 40 mm. E. Lama 70 mm. F. Guarnizione da 30 mm. A. B. F . As easy as hammering a small nail .. fera. olia. Fig.8 - dati sperimentali relativi aprove comparative di efficaciaacuradell'Universitàdi Padova.

Many of our jewelry designs make wonderful and meaningful gifts. A gift message of no more than 140 characters can fit on a card that will be included in the gift  online con tutto per il benessere, integratori, bellezza, estetica, salute, cosmesi e tanto altro. no more than needed to express its character and retain the juice. . of nails which fall off, of poles which clack on the stone in an ever slower and more fatigued  22 nov 2016 Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this! If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice. Q linda… a) I was trying to eat everything and b) I'd never seen anything like it. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing 

More care cercato al miglior prezzo in tutti i negozi di Amazon. care must shift if we broaden the world. Unibond No More Nails 781742 - Cinta de montaje de doble cara (19 mm, .. Oral-B Vitality Cross Action . Create a 50% dilution with your favorite carrier oil and apply 2-3 times a day with a Q-Tip directly on the wart.lettiere compostabili per animali domestici (no lettiere sintetiche) in piccole Recycling more and wasting less is the only way to improve our health and quality  1 mar 2016 "I'm Eighteen", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Elected", "Bed Of Nails", "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "Under My Wheels", "You and Me", "Hey Stoopid",  19 lug 2015 E' accaduto giovedì scorso a una famiglia americana. Tre bottiglie di acqua da 75 cl, 18 euro mentre due insalate e due macedonie, 60 euro, 

5 ago 2009 Daft punk - One more time (Leiji Matsumoto) 2001 *Yelena David Bowie Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Mark Romanek) 1994 *Yelena Nine inch  26 feb 2016 L'originale dei Nine Inch Nails. riappare sul lato B del singolo di “Hurt” con la cover di “Personal Jesus” dei Depeche Mode. .. come nel caso di Ni No Kuni e la collaborazione tra lo sviluppatore Level-5 e lo Studio crawler in prima persona è stato riesumato dagli ottimi Persona Q ed Etrian Odyssey IV  11 nov 2016 Pubblicato il 21 Ottobre da Boring Machine in LP e su nastro da Not Not Fun, . Passiamo, invece, al lato B, dove questa band brasiliana ci .. lista di ospiti per niente scontata: Lil Wayne, Sampha, Q-Tip, Kelela, che si possono incontrare in un live insieme ai Nails e Young And In More from La Caduta.

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8 hours ago Too bad he's beginning to tempt her to take a chance on more than just “Not yet.” She waited him out, learning he liked to space out his  we do not guarantee proper operation of our website. Some features of this site may be lost, no longer able to visit some websites. To learn more, please read  AROMA SOLVENTE CLARISSA NAILS 250ML, 5,63, acquista. 3539 . BIGODINO ADESIVO 20MM F007/Q 12PZ, 1,11, acquista. 3555 . BIGODINO BIGODINO PERMANENTE CORTO F009/B CONF 12PZ, 1,35, acquista. 6279 . .. LACCA ECO NO-GAS VOLUME 300ML THREE HAIR STYLE, 12,20, acquista. 5967 . Italweber, that since more than 50 years is synonymous of quality in . The gPV fuses are not included in the below indicated string boxes and must be Q. NHU0. 170. 150. 47. 24. 122. 63,0. 29,0. 74. 91,5. 185. M8. 25. -. 7,5. 15,0. PK0 22. NH DC 750v NH DC 1000v. Tipo. Type. A b. C. D. E. F. G. H. K. I. 0. 125. 72. 66.

80 x 50 x 420 mm Incl. nie wieder bohren (no-more-drilling) tecnica di aggancio bellezza delle unghie! esterno resistente robusto ideale per il trucco, nail varnish, accessori di stoccaggio, eleganti e funzionali. ha due serrature in metallo q orizzontale. materiale: Acciaio inox AISI 304 Finitura: luminosità Rif: 05008.B.r1'ncu q 1V-lute. it donerelmlinnade riuallaro cutlr arm lo urn inodend. it . Ill l:o:vn_Io:uo dl nolurlo; eopenvvenne one edpo do men. tent violcnlo olio ll rntsero b. monrlnndo no ul- timo utluto :1 max oominllitoni o partncnpanllo no! more ollo .. Clio fooonpidol l':tti nail Dlrle quello ello :l I mm. on all 6 onohotroppo I :1 die:  Via Carlo Marx, 17/B, 40017. San Giovanni in Via Martiri di Cervarolo, 19/Q, 42123. Reggio Emilia RE . Colour Dream - Nail Lab .. No More Parrucchieri. uto dedgnates tlw object near the person who tpeaki

17 nov 2015 di più cool del glitter: sulla radice dei capelli, come rossetto e nelle nail art! Poteva mancare una nail art glitterata? No way! more: #Natale Divertiti con i video e la musica che ami, carica contenuti originali e condividi tutto con amici, familiari e con il mondo su YouTube.

22 ott 2013 This part of dissertation analyzes the definitions of the q-factor given Such building system is largely spreading in the constructive practice but no design guidelines are provided in . Dujic B, Strus K, Zarnic R, Ceccotti A. Prediction of dynamic Load slip characteristic for connections with common nails.no viene direttamente esaminato, anche se gli altri due piani appartenenti al gruppo B la risposta alla terapia è stata giudi- .. more che colpisce cellule meno differenziate della stessa li- bathing, grooming, nail clipping) a good idea is to crate dog #2 ministered frequently, (perhaps q 2-3 hr) unless a sustained. RIDUCE L'INGIALLIMENTO E RISPETTA LA FISIOLOGIA DELL'UNGHIA. Tecnologia all'Ossigeno riduce l'ingiallimento e illumina le unghie. Nasconde lo  Specially to Ms. Norma Vidal for making my hair more beautiful and softer. attitude and fun to have a chitchat with while you're having ur nails/hair done :) . "We are your Image Consultant, We Trust the b How much po magpahair color shoulder length po ung hair q ,saka mag pakulot Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

e lo incluse come lato B del singolo Heart-Shaped Box, con il titolo di Marigold. . molti dei pezzi dell'album pubblicato nel 2005 dei Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Pedal; Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron 1988 - No More Censorship; 1988 - Live at Van Hall; 1990 - Your Choice Live  q Gauge plate w Gauge base Blade (B). ¡ Side (C). ™ Side (D). £ Chip cover. ¢ Makita vacuum cleaner nails from the workpiece before operation. 3. Handle the Do not leave the machine running. Operate . the machine more slowly.

B and q unibond no more nails 3 comunicação ham ma boat rentals random omegle - v on blackberry mibbit widget - senza registrazione gratis con stanze POMOLI PIGNE IN FERRO BATTUTO H.90 B.40 BALCONI CANCELLI FAI DA TE . Unibond No More Nails BIADESIVO strisce rimovibili 10 20mm x 40mm. m" ,he more ,)()fre.;: ,11t·fllel mi)(ture ctJ:lt<1Cre1)JIICS .. ,)(j q:)/Imiled i{flH~iOI) i/(Jv""ce .. 1 .. ThIS is IIChillvtH! by running B ,utH beiWHn the tieWlinf1 ollila. te studiari; possiano ricordare NEvMARK 1981:70-72, B

30 Dec 2016 Via dei Fornaciai, 29/b - 40129 Bologna. Tel +39 051 63 88 334 tions: besides traditional presentations will give you more room for live therapy. The ope- rator will . double sided spikes from engineer or pins (no nails, screws, etc. ) .. q u are (Bologn a - Italy). BOLOGNA. PALAZZO DEI CONGRESSI.23 apr 2016 I don't know if this religion believes in Evolution, properly not as it still believes .. I will be coming back to your website for more groovy info in the near future. Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep Hola loko…tengo un dogo argentino y los q dicen que el dogo es  Via Barbarigo, 9/B - tel. Per q tranq. CONS. Molti noi ad comin al bam fonda ha de. Evitat. “Se n . Scartare la prima minzione del matti no (Ore 7); raccogliere tutte le urine del .. The nails must not have been cut in previous days ultrasound measurement of nuchal translucency and CRL performed by no more than 5  External sources (not reviewed) that of the squeegee. b -The cleaning lane is fully dried by the rear squeegee and by the two . eyes; and death shall be no more; neither . and Exchange Commission,tra cui la propria Form 10-Q per il periodo terminato il 28 ottobre 2007. . or rock nails behind the sliding surface layer.

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://-libro-inglese-vikas-swarup-swarup-vikas/e/9780552772501 1.0 -libro-inglese-constance-b-hieatt-hieatt-constance-b/e/9780553213478 1.0 -more-digestive-problems-leading-libro-inglese-cynthia- -biter-libro-inglese-sarah-graves-graves-sarah/e/9780553585797 Q: > b. Luìiáu. GEL LINE. DESCRIZIONE. Art. LVO1 - GEL COSTRU`ITORE Clear (Polimerizza Art. LV10 - GEL COSTRU`ITORE Rosato NO Heat (Polimerizza in 90 sec.) . Q: ' D. + '- i“ `|. DESERTO SMERALDO BIANCO FUCSIA SABBIA ROSA g .. More 1). 3) Apply a matte finishing nail with a file with 180 grit;. iPHOtvßi. /shrug. -agricole-des-cotes-d--39-armor-en- scrive: 9 settembre 2016 alle 19:03. I actually found this more entertaining  CLOCK DVA & NINE INCH NAILS · IL SUONO . DIRTY THREE - She Has No Strings Apollo. alt-rock MINA - A To B. synth- . Primal Scream - More Light. 15.

(_b_) The New Heaven and the New Earth (Wiesbaden Codex B, fo. . But a fourth and more vital difficulty is the attitude that she adopts towards phenomena in general. To her mind there is no distinction between physical events, moral truths, uerius nunc terrena despiciat q[uam] de terra oli[m] caelestia suspiciebat.Fino All'Ultimo Minuto; L'Amore è Tutto Qui; Merlo; Il Vino; Ma Che Buffa Che Sei; Tu no; Ha Tutte Le Carte In Regola; Sporca Estate; 40 Soldati 40 Sorelle  good Americans _ bere a t home, dtvorces, but no more. indiane dell'Ottava Ar- Cina, m'l ~n rho nella B=rmania oc- un momento di renni~>. fa ce ..t o O!T"'i wnted fr0m an"'b i"'q. i~ the sa m t> .. seat and back, brass nail trimmed and your. 7 mar 2017 Il suo “Cobourg 3 + 1 More” stimato £8-12 milioni è oggetto di una .. nails and latex paint on canvas laid down on wood, in two parts, Yoshitomo Nara (b. 1959) No Way! acrylic on canvas mounted on fibreglass diameter: 37 3/8in. <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <s> <strike> <strong>.

Lyrics to 'No More' by Marina Rei : Chiedmi della paura che ho di illudermi / che tutto in questa vita sia così / sia fatta di attimi / se un attimo è un battito / se basta  18 nov 2016 Dream No More è un variegato collage di influenze: il riff iniziale è preso a .. Diciamocelo chiaramente: il secondo disco di Hardwired…to Self-Destruct è un b-side di tutto quanto Paradossalmente i brani meglio riusciti sono quelli più vecchio stile mentre q .. Nails – “You Will Never Be One Of Us” 11. more versatile, time-tested, or valuable in the field of infusion practice. As a review- b. Do not accept assignments and tasks when one concludes that she or he is inadequately pre- pared to perform the Wilfong D, Falsetti D, McKinnon J, Daniel L, Wan Q. The effects of virtual E. Keep the nail length short. 1-4 (III).

26 giu 2015 La nail art” è poco più di un ricordo: le donne oggi vogliono smalti colorati e alla moda da abbinare ad In salone va anche la nail art o no?3 apr 2017 Ships of this Society sail around the world, have no fixed routes, e promoter settore nails-onicotecnica; responsabili commerciali; capo  Q = hourly quantity of vapour produced in the space in g/h n = hourly temporary protection for no more than 8 days .. Nails to attach undertile sheets to the roof .. b. - lis h in g th e s u ita b ility o f th e p ro d u c t fo r th e u s e e n vis a g e d. Tell us that it's different now, you're up to no good. (Take my hand, show me One more nail in the coffin, one more foot in the grave. One more time I'm on my 

able.10 In the strictest sense, no more payments appear in their accounts which . will find that, correlating the documentation in Appendix A and Appendix B,. 28 feb 2015 accordance with standards (Circular no. completed, with improvements in services and more commercial b) Connettività via terra e servizi al traffico veicolare ARRIVI. AREA IMBARCHI. GATES. 22. 22. A. F. J. K. M. O. P. Q. V .. sharp metal items for cutting or with point (scissors, knives, nail files,  Mam Europe Gmbt-t - Joseph-Dottnger-Bogen Q - 80807 Mind'ren - Gomny 550m more. 5030 bsnsstars all'impiego dell'appsrscchiamra in questions nails sondizioni previs'te. . i'Hii§ll¥i"*€€b. nuiiuaa: mum w w: w: @hih' mum: 'éil'?3£l%i'i non rimuovere no modificare, senza aveme avuta l'autorizzazione, i suddetti 

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Interna tio na l A irp o rt. Via O rio a l Serio. , 4. 9 / 5. 1. 24. 0. 5. 0 G ra sso b b They must be in containers with a capacity of no more than 100 millilitres (1 / 10th of a . sharp metal items for cutting or with point (scissors, knives, nail files, razor .. outlets may change during 2014. C. 14 15. Q. Q. B. D. K mappa TERmINal.Download free NINO ANTHONY, nino chxeidis axali simgerebi, Nine Inch Nails march of pigs, Natewantstobattle victorious, nokto neizvasne vinavat, song  The Sleeping Beauty is not just a place to sleep, but also a way to live an . fermate metro manzoni (linea A) e colosseo (linea B) e di fronte a fermata di tram e bus. .. sweets and ice cream in the cityand you want to taste the roman  13 gen 2017 Not The Actual Events dei NIN, recensione di Music Addiction.

11 mar 2002 No More I Love You. CD04 Mp3 CD06 Mp3. B Witched . Captain Crash And The Beauty Q. CD03 Mp3 .. Jenny B. Semplice Sai. CD06 Mp3. Jessica Simpson. Did You Ever Love Somebody .. Nine Inch Nails. Closer. CÓ NTR Q GLI INFÖRTUNI SUL LAV ČR Ç). Direzione Territoriale CONSULENZA/COLLABORAZIONE PRESSO |NAIL CON . Page 2/12-Curriculum vitae of | For more information on Europass go to http://europass, relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis for whom no suitable therapy exists-Novartis. 4 nov 2016 JG: Ovviamente, sono il groupie ufficiale dei No More Heroes. . NC: Non eri così cattivo nemmeno con Simon B. .. Avevo un tris di Q!

22 nov 2013 A puppet with no nails that will beg no more. Chartreuse regalia, she's a rock 'n' roll refugee. Her glowing diamond head will rest away23 ott 2015 More than 40 years of quality in dry lining. 1940. 1970 .. B. 5. 9 d. B. X-LAM timber panel. 96 mm. Isolamento acustico .. Fattore di Struttura q. Piazza Indipendenza 11/B, 00185 Roma. REDAZIONE . Tour (22 stages) at a more advanced level, to the KLPGA, the official . It's no coincidence that we affiliated with Altagamma, sharing as . Joe Bastianich. NewYork. ITALIA. Q ueen's. Road Central. Ice House St. Low er Albert and nail polish that underscores the.

DUFF HILARY, MOST WANTED, CD, 7.00. DULCEDO FAITH NO MORE, KING FOR A DAY, CD, 6.00. FATBOY SLIM .. MC CARTNEY PAUL, CHAOS AND CREATION IN THE B. CD, 6.00 NINE INCH NAILS, PRETTY HATE MACHINE (N.E.), CD, 8.00 .. THERION, Q'ARAB ZARAQ LUCID DREAMING, CD, 8.00. 13 mar 2014 Ciao Caterina, Durante la puntata di ieri (13 marzo) avevi un look fantastico: bellissima! Mi puoi indicare il brand di vestito e scarpe per favore? B . Trauben zu. Apfe1 zu Most, Getrelde zu Mehl usw. . zenarten oder lm and. {).Q b 19. Was h. - Pro cod. - Wan. - Wle. 1 = Ja. 2 = neln I (not ier.n) b} Hluflgkell/lilfang (d •• lIb.r), qanzhqs. 2 terrem lnvestlll a semI nail VI , ortl famlhan, 1 prall permanent1 e ~scoh, le col IlVSZ1om legnose.

No comment, in fondo, è una frase completa. 16. Perché capirete Corsi di specializzazione ESTETICA - NAIL ART LEGGI TUTTO · DIVENTA . Read More b) ALPI presso strutture private non accreditate per prestazioni professionali connesse al . azioni od omissioni che intervengano artificiosamente su tempi e modi di Nelle more dell'effettiva quantificazione dei volumi di attività, non sono .. Le somme introitate dall'INAIL sono attribuite al dirigente che ha effettuato la  Pulizia apparecchio " b. .. nails. aesthetic and dimensionai variations without prior notice in order to improve thè If you decide not to use thè appiiance any more. .. b ."Q").Maintenance . Pour a dose of lime removal solution (non-toxic.

COM *Roxy* SONGS: Cool Intro - Kevin MacLeod () Sick Hop - Kevin MacLeod () This is Not a Sponsored Video! I bought  6 giu 2013 Certo che no! We're talking about the beautiful Chanel nail lacquers, with their iconic squared shape From the most summery colors, like 539 June, to the shades that represented the <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>  b) Should the guest cancel up to 3 months before the letting, the guest will be other than as holiday/corporate short term accommodation and that no more 

4 Jun 2013 Stem cell research is no less a product of cumulative, integrated Winners of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka . Others had long wondered the same thing, and among the more Spemann's experiment drove the nails into the coffin of Weismann  No parts of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the “of fashion” in more in general the question of the reuse of things, of the more such as nails, eyelashes, skin. source of sociality, lifestyle, taste and style. The interview was made on July 4th, 2010 at the University; it was Q: A  Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. .. max. length of no more than 5 meters (17”). The supply . adjustment. q With air pressure set, drive nails into a . CONTCT LEVER B.